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Effectiveness for Pros.
We have made the ultimate Excel®-Plugin for optimizing complex project portfolios even better. With the highest performance, scalability and configurability available from ProMTO so far.
Gigantic speed increase by a ­­­factor ­­of 8
Even more power for large portfolios. Basis: PMD sheet, 500 projects, 1 site
In-memory 13.5 sec.
Typical server connection 13.5 sec.
(Assumption: ping-time 27ms)
27 sec.
3.2 sec.
0.2 sec.
3.4 sec.
8 x faster
Grows with your ROS
Easily and flexibly scalable to new locations, business lines and sprints. Whether for 5 or for 1,000 users.
Big data in miniature
Real-time total data of the worldwide portfolio as fast as never before. And everyone sees only their projects.
Intelligently through the server bottleneck
Most advanced optimization algorithms save a lot of time and CO2.
Fluid work
Powerful KPI calculations with history and change tracking thanks to a modern analytics database.
Incredibly fast to use new UI
Love at first click
The all new ProMTO_4 User Interface will inspire you.
More powerful and flexible system structure for all users
Extreme performance through fast analytics database
MariaDB (server or cloud) is a modern analytics database for the heaviest workloads. It is protected by encryption, has full SQL functionality and ACID compliance, and is highly available and scalable. ProMTO_4 now supports change tracking and carries data history. Useful e.g. for time efficient weekly data updates.
Multi-workgroup configurator for small and large organizations
Create your structure within minutes without customizing and get started. Modular for any type of organization and team size, whether for 5, for 1,000 or more users. All locations and workgroups are included in a single database system, but everyone sees only their projects.
The new Periscope function – Viewing window for important ERP data
Place important ERP data fields of sales orders, purchase orders or production orders of a project on an info tile in your worksheet. Keep track of the ERP data world and stay in the workflow.
ProMTO Periscope.
ProMTO Periscope.
ProMTO Periscope.
Go on a time travel through your projects
Time Shift History – Less guessing, more understanding
ProMTO now retroactively displays the project schedules valid cut-off dates as a set of curves. This allows to recognize deviations more precisely and make more targeted decisions.
Cost development – Give everything and see the result at the end
ProMTO helps you to keep an eye on the project budget, the costs and extension orders and to steer your project profitably to the goal.
Time jump – Don't miss anything anymore with the new key date comparison
Place any ProMTO dataset from the past next to the current data and see the highlighted differences. With ProMTO's ultra-fast database technology.
Additional features especially for PMO managers
Capture new ideas directly and in a structured way
Collect your ideas during the project or conduct a structured team workshop with the new Lessons Learned feature. So that your projects always get a little better.
New document management lets your work flow
Save time for searching and distributing information. Upload and retrieve documents as easy as never before. Quickly and securely. Directly in the project, with one click. And continue seamlessly with your work.
Profile pictures – so that everyone immediately knows what is meant
Assign profile pictures to projects now and display them in the preview window. Fluid even with quick project changes.
Increased flexibility and secure final acceptances
Powerful PMD filters, standard process templates now with more sprints and more payment dates. Increased focus on secure final acceptances through OEE measurement and differentiation of first and last confirmed commissioning dates.
Single sign-on and new role concept
For each user simply and centrally define the accessible workgroups (e.g. locations), business lines (especially for matrix organizations) and of course his individual user rights. All with only one login at the beginning.
New modern user interface
Flat UI concept for all user menus. Color matching with your own corporate design theme.
New navigation bar for even faster work
Reach all areas of ProMTO directly from the main navigation. And find the current project directly in the new window.
Intuitive flat control icons for all functions
All functions can now be selected directly as icons. For even faster work.
Improvements especially for business managers
Clear structures – engineering, delivery, commissioning
All ProMTO areas are even more consistently structured into the three phases engineering, delivery and acceptance. With clear plan/actual comparisons and the really mission-critical KPIs of all portfolio projects at a glance and on one sheet.
Staging Area – Your hub for comparing data statuses
Review and understand changes in data statuses between the ERP system and ProMTO. And before the data is synchronized between the systems, you have the last word. Quite simply and quickly with a clear confirmation function. In the segregated and secure staging area.
Tasks and bug tracking – So that service can take over at full speed
Record and monitor tasks or bugs directly with the new task tracker. And after the final acceptance, the complete bug history is exported into the bugtracking tool of the colleagues in the customer service department.
News for Controlling
EBIT is King, but liquidity is King Kong
With the new invoicing plan, for the first time, actively optimize the milestone invoicing of individual production items based on project milestones. This means that even if supply chains are disrupted or orders and payments are delayed, you will always be able to quickly adjust your liquidity to the changed situation.
Traffic light target values per business line
Control the portfolio with different target values for each organizational unit.
Profit realization now also for IFRS financial statements

HGB – Completed Contracts (CC)
Full profit realization based on period allocation in the case of revenue recognition at delivery or acceptance.

IFRS – Percentage of Completion (POC)
Partial profit realization according to the cost-to-cost method by reporting the percentage of completion.

General contractor projects now consolidated

Gross margin = external sales – total costs (locations)
Intercompany contracts within a general contractor project are managed locally in each workgroup and can now be consolidated across all the workgroups using the Global Project ID.

View the big picture. See wall-to-wall margins now.
ProMTO_4 is designed for cross-site teams working together on projects. It helps them do this with an intelligent consolidation algorithm so they can keep track of the true company-wide total margin. This way, they work together much more reliably and successfully.
New connections for IT and your developers
Infinite possibilities thanks to the new API
For the first time, ProMTO_4 offers developers the possibility to connect their systems to ProMTO bi-directionally. A common pre-developed web service is used, which enables low integration efforts and low development costs.
ERP Connector – Turns the team’s power into motion
ProMTO_4 is the ultimate optimizer to extract your project portfolio data from the ERP system, optimize it and place it back into the right spots in your ERP system to enhance performance. Continuously. Because what isn’t in the ERP system doesn't happen. Performance powered by ProMTO.
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And even more new features for ProMTO coming up. What we are currently developing ...
All new experience, same performance
Unique performance. Incredibly easy to use. ProMTO comes with a completely new user interface that gives you even more reasons to love your projects.