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ProMTO Lab Preview
All new experience, same performance
A new design for everything you do with ProMTO
Unique performance. Incredibly easy to use. ProMTO comes with a completely new user interface that gives you even more reasons to love your projects.
Project Master Data
Meeting List
Even more efficiency for the best teams thanks to new features
Sprint Designer
Go-live within one day due to freely configurable order fulfillment process
Analyses over time
Track and visualize your projects over time and detect deviations much earlier
Connection of Gantt and Task Tracker
ToDos and bugfixes are displayed and tracked in the Gantt chart as well
Smooth sign-offs through early management of the OEE deliverables
Tracking of committed and achieved performance test KPIs throughout the project.
ERP link for payment milestones
Transfer of current actual dates of all partial payments to the ERP system
Project Review Presentation
Semi-automated report template with manual addition to project status and situation
MS-Project® Integration
Generate MS-Project schedules from ProMTO